Switching roles

Daniel didn’t always have an easy life. A regular on the streets, he often had a hard time taking care of himself. Then, one day, a community worker from the La Cheminée Program came to the forecourt of the church he hung around looking for day labourers.

La Cheminée is a warming station at the Saint-Roch YMCA and mainly serves people experiencing homelessness in the neighbourhood. Daniel immediately felt at home, even helping out by serving coffee and snacks in exchange for a small daily salary. And as the days passed, he realized he wasn’t just a great listener but also had a profound desire to help and was developing useful skills through his contact with the community workers. These skills were so useful in fact that when the time came to hire an additional person, the choice was obvious. Today, Daniel is officially a YMCA employee and continues to lend an ear, and serve a hot bowl of soup, to the clients who come in!

As he has said himself, his life may have veered off course, but thanks to the Y, it seems to be back on the right track!